Ron Bonneau

Northwest Conference

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Information: Name: Ron Bonneau
Position: Head Coach, The College of Idaho
Years with USCSA : 18
Home Mountain: Bogus Basin, Boise, Idaho
Hobbies: Biking, fishing, camping

1. Where and why did you first learn to ski/ride?
Dover, NH at Garrison Hill. Close to home and affordable - $5 for a season pass.

2. How long have you been involved with USCSA and how did you first become involved?
18 years. Became involved to have input in the decisions and planning that was being done.

3. What are your current responsibilities for the organization?
NW Conference chair

4. Describe your favorite on-the-hill memory.
Cat skiing with Kim Bownes, Plymouth State University, in Idaho.

5. Why do you like being involved with USCSA?
Belief in the philosophy of the organization.

6. If you could spend a week skiing at any ski resort in the world where would it be and why?
Davos, Switzerland because of the beauty and vast terrain close by.

7. What are some of the changes you have noticed in the organization during your tenure?
Some good, some not so. The communication process among Board members has improved but has room for improvement. The organization is more global in its views than it was 18 years ago, but this is in part due to the necessary implementation of volunteer efforts by all members of the Board.

8. What do you think students/athletes can do to help support USCSA's longevity?
Continue to promote the mission and values of the organization and to remember one of the primary goals for participating in athletic sport – to have fun.